Thursday, 28 January 2016

Sad bottle!

In all the years I have been doing my nails, I have never had this happen. When I got my package from The Born Pretty Store I could immediately smell polish. To my horror I saw that the Chrome polish I was sent by Born Pretty had leaked and the bottle looked like it had been beat up despite being in what I would consider good packaging. I honestly don't know how much polish was lost because the bottles are opaque, while it clearly doesn't feel empty it for sure feels lighter than the top coat bottle, so I was pretty sure there was luckily more than enough to use for review!

So application of this was pretty easy so long as it wasn't over a base coat. I had originally used one because I had buffered my nails a couple weeks ago and you could still see the scratches. When I tried putting this over the base coat, you could physically feel the resistance of the brush on the nail. So I took it off and tried without the base coat, and it applied waaaayyyy better. I ended up needing two coats for full opacity. At this point the polish was shinier then most chrome polishes, but it looked nothing like some of the pics I had seen online, where it looked like someone poured metal on their nails. This is the only time I wondered if having more in the bottle would have made a difference as I wasn't able to do thicker coats because of how much polish I could pick up at once.

Then I added the Top Coat it came with, and it totally dulled the super shine, and once I was in the clear of day I could see it had also caused the polish to streak a bit. So I had done the manicure at night and by the time I was up at 7am I could already see tip wear, but I decided to push through. By 10am it was coming off in sheets and leaving me with silver tinted nails. By 7pm, after a few hand washes throughout the day it was pretty much 100% gone.

I honestly didn't like the end results. If the original polish only dulled a bit when the top coat was applied I would have actually thought this was a pretty fantastic silver. But the fact that it streaked and peeled odd like sheets less than 12 hours later made this not worth it. Now with that being said I didn't try it out with one of my regular top coats like Seche Vite. Maybe that would make a difference.

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  1. I wonder if Seche Vite will help or can be so weird sometimes. And it was already a pretty eventful (12 hour!) mani!

  2. Perhaps you can use it for nail art instead. It would make some lovely dots :)

  3. too bad the top coat dulled it :(


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