Wednesday, 20 January 2016

*Heart Eyes*

Today's review is going to be quick, because the item speaks for itself. I have today this wax pencil for picking up things like rhinestones and studs from LadyQueen. Let me just start by saying I love this. When I would pick up things to put on my nails before I would use a dotting tool dipped in clear polish. Always cleaning the dotting tool throughout the manicure, or it became too sticky and made placement hard, and sometimes the clear polish would leave a mark. This eliminates all those issues. It picks up pretty much everything from iridescent paper pieces to larger studs, and makes it super easy to place them on your nails. And the point of the pencil you see in the pictures is the point after doing a manicures worth of picking stuff up. Judging from it, these will last for quite some time!

If you like doing nail art designs with rhinestones, or studs, or any tiny item that can be applied to the nail, I would highly suggest getting this! It makes manicures soooooo much easier! If you would like to buy a pair, you can head on over here, where you can get them currently for $1.29 USD. AND you can use our 15% discount code LAKS15!

 Iridescent Paper

 Gold stud

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  1. That's a cool tool! I've had a similiar one that didn't pick up anything :D


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