Friday, 15 January 2016

First Post Of 2016! (Finally)

I have been a bad blogger. Actually, I have just been a busy/uninspired blogger. Well here I am, feeling a bit more inspired and with shorter nails(which I am sad about).

Let's just hit the ground running and start with a review! Today I have some of the iridescent paper(Mine is in #5) that you see in all those shattered glass manicures sent to me from LadyQueen.

First of all the paper looked beautiful. under light colours it varied in apperence from blue, to pink, to purple. And under darker colours it brought out more of the greens and yellows. Application was super easy as well. My only tip would be to topcoat the hell out of it. If it's not stuck down it will lift.

To get the look I achieved I started with a navy blue base, and then I added small blobs of other colours(Yellow, magenta, green and orange), then I coved it with the paper.

If you would like t try these you can find them at LadyQueen. Each sheet is $2.15 USD, but for the next few days it will be on sale for $0.99 USD. And to top it all off you can use our 15% of coupon code (LAKS15)

 *Product sent for honest review


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