Monday, 22 December 2014

(Insert clever title that includes Legos and Christmas)

I haven't been posting many Christmas manicures this year so I feel I have to remedy that ASAP!

These are some nails I did a few weeks ago when I was at a bit of a loss when coming up with ideas. I fell back on something I had done a long time ago! Lego Nails!!! But with a Christmas spin! I especially like Rudolph and his Lego nose!

If you would like to know how I did the Lego nails check out my tutorial here!

So how is everyone's Holidays going. What did you ask Santa for this year? Do you think Santa will deliver? Or do you think you think you were naughty this year and that's why Santa wont be stopping by? Do you believe in Santa?

If you would like you know what polishes I used please ask :)


  1. This is sooo cute - I love the Lego connection :D

  2. This is awesome! I love it! <3
    I try to be good, because I believe in karma :)

  3. love that you made Santa yellow to fit with the lego theme!

  4. Perfect! Rudolph is very cute! :-) I invited Santa to my Christmas party, hope to see him with a lot of presents :-)

  5. This is super cute! Great job. :)


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