Sunday, 14 December 2014

'Cause we're just stars. Tryn'a get back to where we're from: Let me try stamping...again.

Today I have some stamping for you! I received this BP-06 stamping plate from The Born Pretty Store. I was super excited about this one because of Sailor Moon! I decided I was going to do the twinkly star stamp because I have honestly been in a winter kick.  For some reason I just love the nighttime in the winter(although I wish it would start a bit later :P). I had the perfect base(Picture Polish Cosmos) to make it look like a night sky. Stamping was easy and I really liked how it turned out, simple but pretty. Which is always good, especially when it comes to a newer stamper like me!

Now on to what I did not like. When you look at the first photo of the plate with the blue plastic over it it looks scuffed up right? But that's not a big deal as that's the plastic. But when I removed the plastic I noticed that one of the bigger scuffs wasn't actually a scuff(under my watermarks), but was actually a scratch IN the plate. You can't really really tell from the photo but the scratch was about as deep as the designs, and it goes right through the center design :( Hopefully that isn't something that happens a lot.

If you love Sailor Moon, I'm pretty sure you need this. Head on over here and buy this plate on sale now for $1.49(USD). AND on top of that use our discount code EAL91 and get 10% off!

*Product sent for honest review.


  1. Cosmos really is so gorgeous - and the stamping suits it sooo well...

  2. I love that stamping and Picture Polish Cosmos is a beautiful base for those stars :-)


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