Thursday, 18 December 2014

Beyone The Nail - Winter Wonderland: I'm just going to keep your gift for me.

 Today is actually the A-Z challenge but I'm actually going to show you that post later as it's not done. Why is it not done you ask?  Well did you ever put on a polish with the intention to do nail art, but then you just can't do it right away. You just have to wear the polish on it's own for a bit. Well that is the case today. 

I saw a couple of swatches of Beyond the Nail's Winter Wonderland while looking for a polish to give as a Christmas gift, and I immediately knew I had to have it. This colour sort of remind me of a colour I love to hate, OPI's My Point Exactly. Both are pale grays, with blue undertones, but MPE is darker. Two things I loved about this polish was unlike a lot of pale colours, especially crellys, this did not need a million coats. It only needed two, but I added another because I knew I was going to use flash. I also love the fine holographic glitter. It's packed to the hilt with it but it still isn't overwhelming. It's quite the chic holo. You can also get this polish scented with either Eggnog, Spiced Cranberry, or Gingerbread scent. I can't tell you if these are good as I chose unscented. Scented polishes for me smell great for maybe half an hour, then they usually start making me queasy.

I'm really glad I bought it, but I'm sad I didn't get more. Especially when I saw the polish I bought for part of my friends Christmas gift, Space Cadet, a purple holo jelly(You can see it at the bottom). There was a small part of me that thought "Maybe I should keep it". Anyways, if you would like a bottle, you can head on over to their website where their polishes sells for in between $6.50-$10(USD). The two I got were both $10(USD).

 No Flash
 Not the best photo, but I wanted to try and show off just how much holo is in it.
Space Cadet and Winter Wonderland
If my friend who is getting Space Cadet sees this, sorry. That being said I don't know if she even reads the blog :P


  1. Love your photos!! Thanks for the post :)

    xoxo Maddy (from Beyond the Nail)

  2. That purple is for me, right? It's for me. Give it to me right now. They're both gorgeous!

  3. If someone bought that purple for me I'd love them forever! :D


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