Friday, 10 October 2014

Worst Collector Ever

So I have been collecting polish for almost three years now. I don't have a huge collection(by nail folk standards), but I do have way more than any other normal person. When I buy polish I am a bit picky about what I get. I could care less that x polish is super popular, if I don't absolutely love it I just can't buy it. I am a selective collector! Well I FINALLY decided that I needed to add a proper yellow and orange to my collection. Yes, you herd me correctly. In all my years of collection polish I have never actually bought a yellow or orange polish! I currently own two yellows(One was sent for review and is pretty much done, and the second I bought in a four pack because I wanted two of the other colours) and three oranges(Two were gifts and one was part of the four pack I just mentioned). So I decided what better time to loose my orange/yellow virginity. Because you are never too old(NO MATTER WHAT SOCIETY SAYS!)

First up I have Sinful Colors Pull Over, originally from their 2011 spring Tropical Ecstasy, but seen more recently in their Boldacious Collection. This is a taxi cab yellow. The formula was a bit runny, and this took me three coats. It's not the best formula, but it is ok. And because I mainly just want this in case I ever need a base for art I am ok with that.

Next up I have China Glaze Stoked to be Soaked, from their 2014 Stoked to be Soaked summer collection. When I picked this polish up the store I originally found it in was selling it for 20% off. Since I wasn't looking for a specific orange I decided I would wait to see if I found something cheaper. I then decided to check out a beauty supply store and just rummage through their sale bin. Lo and behold, what was looking right up at me with its toxic fume eyes, but this little guy. Not only that but it was 70% off! WEEEEEE! SALES!

What colours do you not on many of?


  1. I love them both on you, I think the orange a bit more than the yellow....

  2. The orange looks great on you. I like both colors, but they are probably the ones I have fewest of too.

  3. I'm envious of how *perfect* StbS looks on you! Loving the nail shape, too.

    I have literally thousands of polishes and only about 3-4 yellows and oranges, lol. The heart wants what it wants...doesn't mean we're bad collectors! :)

  4. i have fallen in love with orange polishes recently, and I'm glad to hear that others start liking it too :)

  5. Orange and yellow. I like yellow, too, I just can't get past rude formulas and how not good they tend to look on me. Congrats on The Big Event, lol :) Do you feel wiser, somehow? More worldly? Different in any way?

  6. These two look great on you. I love to wear them in a gradient, they kinda remind me of a sunset.

    But the colours I hate to wear (but still have a few, of course), are brown and blue. I just can't.

  7. i'm not a fan of yellow or orange either, i only have a small handful of them in my collection. I'm glad to see i'm not the only nail blogger with a moderate collection and some pickiness!


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