Friday, 20 December 2013

Snazzy new pocket watch that you don't put in your pocket from Rose Wholesale

So a couple days ago I showed you guys that fab, snake killing, warrior ring from Rose Wholesale.  Today I have something else from there.

When I saw that they had pocket watches, I really wanted one just so I could say I had a pocket watch, and be dapper.  Then the more I though about it the more I though I probably wouldn't wear this all that often.  Not only that but I also couldn't help but think it would make me look like some hipster, which I do not want.  So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these pocket watch necklaces.  The best of both world.  I would wear it more often AND not look like a massive hipster!

I chose this pocket watch necklace.  I just fell in love with how the cut out front looked, and the back with the beautiful, detailed floral design.  On the top of the watch there is that knob that use use to change the time, it's called the crown.  There was a piece of plastic in the crown when you get it.  Once you remove that the watch will start to work.  I should also point out that you need to pull up the crown and then turn it to change the time.  If you don't lift it before you twist it wont do anything.  On top of the crown is a button that opens the watch.  My only thing with this is the paint job.  It was clearly painted to get that antique gold look but some spots near the top are missing some paint and you can see the watches true silver colour.  That being said I don't consider it a big problem as it's not something you can see unless you take a closer look.  Also the watch is less than $6.00 USD, the fact that it came to me in one piece is already a win.

 Editing fun.
This watch retails for 5.47 USD and the shipping for this item is free.

I have one more item from Rose Wholesale that I will show in a couple days, along with my thoughts on the company. (It's a mixed bag of cats my opinion)

Do you think Beyoncé has a watch like this?  I do.

*Product sent for honest review


  1. That's an awesome watch - I also like the idea of a watch-necklace. Cool!

  2. I have a smilar watch, actually 2. One is just a pocket watch, the other is a necklace. I should start wearing them more though ;)
    Yours looks so lovely. Xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks it's a favourite of mine! It's by David Kahn. I found it while thrifting for I think $5 :)

  4. ahh this is so awesome, I love that you wear it as a necklace :)


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