Monday, 30 December 2013

Rose Wholesale Purse: This post sort of contains Harry Potter

So here is my final item from Rose Wholesale.  It's this cute messenger, cross body, bag, in Red Wine.  First of all this cost $11.05 USD, and measures 26.5x8x18cm.  So it's not a large bag, but isn't not small.  It's made from Polyurethane, and is in a red wine colour.  I'll probably post better photos at a later date. I wanted to go outside with it take some photos, but it's too cold :(

Please take the comic book button away from me
  Now when I got this bag it smelt horrible, like chemicals.  But I've had it for about 2 weeks and the smell has pretty much disappeared unless you put it right up to your nose and take a deep sniff.  The other thing I noticed was the front wasn't really the front.  When you open it, it's just a side pocket.  When you open the other side, it's an identical side pocket, and the flap opens all the way to reveal the inside of the bag.  This is a bit inconvenient because when you want to open the bag you have to pull it away from your body.  I also noticed that the stitching in places was a bit inconsistent and the gold parts scratch easily.  Another aesthetics thing is while I like how it has a zipper, I don't like how it pokes out at the end.  I can honestly say the bag itself didn't feel cheap, the shoulder strap  seemed flimsy.
 When you open up the front there's a side pocket
 Inside pocket for cell phone.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix fits snugly in this bag.

Unless you are American.

Over all though I do like the bag.  It's cute, and it feels sturdy.  I don't expect to have this bag for decades.  If I end up wearing it a lot, it will be a miracle if it last 2 years.  But you know what?  Even though it's a bit flawed, I'm fine with that because was just over $10 USD.  You get what you pay for.  I can safely say, I'm excited to wear it with a dress.

If you would like this you can find this bag on their site, in Red Wine and a multitude of other colours. 

Now my final thoughts on Rose Wholesale.  I was looking at their Facebook page and they seem to get a lot of complaints about shipping, customer service and the quality of the stuff they send. 1)Especially when it comes to the clothing.  These are clearly cheap, knock offs, so don't plan on getting a winter jacket from here if you live actually want something warm.  Again, you get what you pay for. 2) It's in China, so it does take a while.  But I will say reading some of those comments showed that some of their stuff takes a super long time to get to people.  Way longer than I think it should.  Honestly I'm still weary of this site.  When I go online and see reviews it's almost always from bloggers who were sent stuff for review.  I would like to see some more positive reviews from people who have actually shopped there.  If you do want to order, I would suggest you stay away from clothing.  Most of the time when I see someone satisfied about their stuff, it's normally jewelry.  At this point I personally don't think I could order anything on my own from them.  Not unless they become consistent, and reliable.  

*Product sent for honest review.


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