Monday, 2 December 2013

Revlon Plum Attraction + 12pcs Gold 3D Nail Sticker Heart Crown Bowknot Butterfly Flower Patterns Easy and Fast Stickers = Quite the mouthful. Also I have an addiction...A YUMMY ONE!

So over the past few months I have really been getting into hot apple cider.  I never really liked the cold stuff, it was like weird apple juice.  But the hot stuff...nnggghhhhh....*drools*.  My warm, cozy drink of choice had always been a hot chocolate, but suddenly I can't get enough cider!  I just finished a mug full and I'm going to make another soon.  Yesterday I decided I wanted a break from cider so I had tea.  Tea that had apples in it, and I was back on the cider today.  I say screw pumpkin spice, and your candy cane latte.

Today I have for know what hold on...................................

I just made another mug of hot apple cider.

Anyways, today I have for you 2 things.  The first is Revlon Plum attraction.  A rich purple shimmer with fine bits of pink shimmer.  I only needed 2 coats and it applied smoothly.  Normally this blog isn't a huge fan of Revlon, especially this line, but this is beautiful.  Well played Revlon.

Next I have these gold nail stickers I got from the Born Pretty Store.  As you know this blog is a huge fan of easy nail to do nail art.  And these stickers fit the bill.  First of all they were easy to use.  Second the borders and clear, and if you lay them down flat you don't have that problem of having noticeable sticker outlines.  And correct me if I'm wrong(I'm not) but does this not go perfectly with the purple???  And there are so many to choose from.  The entire package comes with 12 sets!

If you would like to get your hands on a set of these stickers you can head on over to the Born Pretty Store where they retail for $3.99 USD.  And shipping is free!  AND to top all that off you can use our discount code EAL91 and get 10% off!

If you would like some of my hot apple cider, I will fight you.  You are not getting any of my apple elixir.

*Some products in this post were sent for honest review.


  1. I'm not a huge Revlon fan either, but I agree with you - that polish is really nice! The stickers are perfect for it too! :)

  2. Plum Attraction is a gorgeous color non the less - and the stickers look so pretty on it!

  3. Yes, gold matches perfectly with purple, it's a kind of "royal" combination! :-) The colour is stunning and I love the final combination! :-)

  4. I LOVE hot apple cider. There's a farm near me that makes fresh every fall. I made apple cider caramels this year with some of it... like apple pie in a small candy

  5. i loooove hot apple cider!

    this is so beautiful. the dark purple and gold accents look very royal!

  6. That polish is really pretty - so dark and vampy! Love the stickers you added on too. They go really well together. :)

    ~ Yun


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