Monday, 26 August 2013

Revlon Metallic: What are you doing?

I'm on a metallic roll!

Now normally I'm not a huge fan of Revlon BUT I found this for $1!  And I figured I didn't have anything like this so why not.

Metallic is a silver foil.  I only needed 2 coats for this, although I should add it did bubble.  I think it was because my coats were a bit too thick, but the bubbles weren't massive so I had an easy fix(When the polish is dry, but still somewhat tacky, gently rub the polish to smooth it out).  Now my big problem with this polish actually came almost two days after originally putting this on.  I decided to do some bad ass nail art to spice it up.  This involved putting more top coat(Seche Vite) on.  About 5 minutes after I put the top coat on the polish started to lift like CRAZY around the edges.  I eventually got them under control with some acetone.   I have never had this happen with a polish before.  This is also weird because I originally put Seche on when I wore the colour on it's own and nothing happened.

Has anyone had their polish lift up after you put on top cat(this is a typo that I liked)?  Has anyone ever decided to forgo tocoat and instead use a cat?



You can see the lifting around the edges.  Also the polish looks a bit off because I edited out the nail art :P


  1. I love the color! I have DIY metallic nails with foil, you can see it here:
    BTW I love your blog <3

  2. Haha, I never use a cat instead :D, but have experienced this curling/lifting in the past - it usually happens when I put TC (or any other topping) on a few days old mani. Hmm...

  3. I've had this polish for a couple years, and it's been my favorite silver metallic for awhile!

  4. Not bad for a $Buck!! I wouldn't pass that up either! That would make a great tip for a Frenchie! (that's what I call a French manicure. Maybe it'll catch on!)

    Leigh Anne

  5. It's a really lovely foil!!
    I have experienced if I on a vacation after several days make a minor repair and finish with a fresh coat of SV, there is a minor lifting it I put SV on the entire nail, not just the repair part...

  6. That looks awesome! I've never experienced lifting like that, it looks really weird! :)

  7. i have this polish and that never happened to me. but that's because i use cats, and not top coat. :-P

  8. I love this polish, it was my first silver foil. I don't know if I've used it for a full nail (I think I used it for stamping mostly) but it's always behaved. It was most likely the cats fault.


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