Tuesday, 27 August 2013

CYBERNAILS!!! You shall like these nails!

It has been months since my last Doctor Who mani!  And as we all know, that is wrong.  For this round I decided to do some old school Cybermen, and an old school Cyber Controller.  Even though I haven't really been able to watch the older series :(  First off they were simple to do.  I used a base of Revlon Metallic, Essence Black is Back and acrylic paint, as well as striping tape for the mouth.  Another reason I went with these guys is because I think they look much more terrifying than the new versions.  Less going on with their faces actually makes them creepier.  They sort of remind me of medieval torture masks.

Now big question since we are talking Who.  What do you think of Peter Capaldi?  I am super excited!  I think he's wicked talented actor.  If you haven't you should check him out in the show The Thick of It.  It's a super funny show and he is fantastic in it.  He was also great in Doctor Who a few years ago ;)

So tell me, what do you think of the mani and Peter?!?!

I would like Peter to play the Doctor as Malcolm


  1. Aww, I love this mani, too darn cute :)

  2. Fellow Dr Who fan here - Awesome mani!!! I remember watching the old series as a kid in the 70's in Denmark, the season with the fourth Doctor, and the Cybermen scared me shitless. Hugely excited about Peter Capaldi as well, I think he will do great. He's got the same magnetic quality to him that I think Christopher Eccleston had as 9.

    1. Thanks! Also I agree and I hope his Doctor is more like Christopher's Doctor. A little more angsty and fierce :P

  3. Love your throwback CyberMen! I'm (slowly) working my way through the classic series and just finished the first story arc with the cybermen. I'm really excited for Capaldi to step in as The Doctor! He was fantastic in Torchwood: Children of Earth and I think he'll bring a really nice, mature vibe to the series. Excellent job with the nails!

  4. I don't just like them, I love them!!! :D

  5. Love this!!! Old school cybermen are so creepy!! I think Peter Capaldi will be a great doctor, but you don't know for sure until you see him play The Doctor ;)

  6. LOVE it! Having not watched the older series, I could still tell immediately what you were doing. I'm pretty excited about Peter...usually when there's a regeneration I get sappy, and while I did quite like Matt, I am ready for what will hopefully be a slightly more serious Doctor, I think he will be a great combination of the past few.

  7. Love this!! I haven't watched the older episodes of Doctor Who, but now I think I'm going to :D

  8. You are such a HUMONGOUS DORK!~~~

  9. Love this, these are perfect cybermen!
    I'm ridiculously excited about Peter Capaldi. I don't really know him as an actor (except from the roles in Doctor Who and Torchwood, though I don't think I would've realised if people hadn't mentioned it), but that video where he says "I am the Doctor" sold me on him instantly. But I've raved about this enough on my blog so I'll just add that I think I'll wait to see The Thick of It until I've seen him as the Doctor :)

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