Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Born Pretty Nail Strips - Checkered Watermelon Nails!

These nail strips from Born Pretty actually feature checkers AND leopard print. "Checkered watermelon" is the reaction I got from a friend who noticed them after downing a mug of rum.

I really wasn't sure about this design at first - Kas picked them out and surprised me! Once they were on, though, yes. This pattern is amazing. Check it out:

I did have some issues with application, however. The package doesn't indicate if they're real nail polish strips or stickers - we think they're stickers, but very thin ones. They can stretch a LITTLE bit, but be careful as they can tear! Because they're not very forgiving, I found it difficult to apply them completely flat and most nails had a few bumps in them. I suggest placing them along the centre of the nail first and then smoothing them out along the sides.

This is what happens if you try to "clean up" the edge with acetone. It's not pretty. Be sure to cut them to size and place carefully!

Kas wiggled the thumb sticker around a bit for me, but it ended up tearing. Watch out for that! Fortunately, it wasn't really visible from a standard hand-to-face distance.

These lasted me well through an evening, but they started to look pretty ratty after 8 hours. If you're planning to wear these for more than a night out, be sure to wrap your tips well and use the hardest-wearing topcoat you've got.

Final Verdict: These are not the best. But for $2.99 and free shipping, they're worth the price for a fabulous one-night manicure! Now that I know what to avoid when applying them, I would happily try them again in many of the very exciting designs available.

Go check out Born Pretty Store for these and more fabulous nail art supplies! Always remember our coupon code for 10% off!

*Product sent for honest review 


  1. They're are exceptionally cool!

  2. Wow! They look very full on yet they look like so much fun to wear!

  3. love the design that you made with them though!

  4. I do love the pattern on these! So awesome! I've never had trouble with Born Pretty strips, but then I've had a TON of practice with them!

    1. Ah, I should probably mention that I have very little experience with strips - thanks for your input!

  5. Yeah, those sound like stickers. Stickers are not my friend. Nail polish strips, yes, but stickers, not so much. At least these are cheaper than the $9 or $10 the drugstore brands seem to run. The pattern is certainly eye catching!


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