Saturday, 27 July 2013

Bondi New York - NYPD: Bluetiful!

So Bondi New York is a new brand for me and in they are also new brand on the polish scene.  I had been eying their polishes for a little while now, and decided to take the plunge.  I bought 2 bottles from them NYPD and Lady Liberty. 

First let me say their polishes are all NYC themed(and 5-free!), which I love!  Last time I was there I found a street knife!  If you don't know what that is let me explain.  It's a knife, that you find lying around in the street.  Street knife!  That also could be the name of some amazing break dancing crew 0_o.

On the subject of knives the first polish I will be sharing with you is NYPD (Perfect segue!).  NYPD is a vibrant medium blue.  Similar to the blue the NYPD(New York Police Department) use. The formula was fantastic!  It was as if Apollo had a hand in making this. One medium coat was almost all I required, but had to add one more just to even out some minor patchiness.  Another thing I loved was it didn't bubble.  I didn't really wait much between coats and I was worried that maybe the first coat was too thick to be putting second coat on so soon.  But I decided to risk it and put the second coat on, and there was no sign at all of bubbling.

Overall I love this colour!  Colours like this(vibrant and not in bright neon territory) are favourites of mine!  In fact this will probably have to go in my top blue polishes list :) I will admit though at this point their polish selection isn't the most extensive colour wise, but the formula more than makes up for it. 

Have you tried Bondi New York?  Have you ever thought about what you would name your break dancing crew?
 Sunlight photos

 Light box photos

STREET KNIFE! (Ok technically it's on the sidewalk...)


  1. i think i need this just for the NY theme!

  2. That blue is freakin' gorgeous!! Your swatches look amazing too. :)


    My breakdance crew is called Majestic Ocean Clowns.

  4. That's a fantastic blue, I love it!
    Hmm... I never even considered having a break dancing crew! :D

  5. I need this blue NOW! I'm a blue whore, and this one is so stunning ♥

  6. You need to join the police with that gorgeous polish, and you have the first alleged crime to solve too ;)

  7. This colors is fantastic:)

    Kisses from Poland!:)

  8. Beautiful swatches! Perfect shade of blue! :-)

  9. This is like, my perfect Tardis blue. Honestly. I need this color now. I'm a total deep-blue addict. And the knife is a bit disturbing O_o But my crew would probably be called Curb Stomp.


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