Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Flash Giveaway Answer & Winner!

First let's look at some of the musical groups that you guys guessed but are NOT my favourite:

One Direction.  No.
Backstreet Boys.  Not my favourite but I do think they are amazing!
Abba.  I have never mentioned Abba on this blog.  And yet it came up more than once.
The Lumineers and Killswitch Engaged. I don't know who any of the people are.
Les Misérables.  That's not even...
Take One.  This isn't a thing.  Unless it's a Take That/One Direction hybrid!

Take That.  Sorry guys!  They are very close to the top but they are not my favourite.

And now for my all time favourite musical group!  Are you ready?

Drumroll please!


Most of you actually got this!  Take That was the second most common answer, which isn't surprising.  While I love Take That and do loads of manis inspired by them, Queen takes the crown.  I have mentioned it twice on the blog. Once in an actual Freddie Mercury post and it's also in my section in the about us portion.  By now I'm guessing you want know know who won!  Well fear not, the winner is...

Drumroll again please!

Aralyn D!  She already responded to our email (Huzzah!) so she is for sure the winner!  Congrats Aralyn!

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Ps.  I didn't realize so many people thought Evita was ALW's worst musical.  I was always indifferent to it.   Cats takes the cake for me.


  1. Ha! I got the band right :D
    Congrats to the winner! :)

  2. Meh, I didn't answer correctly... Congrats to the winner :D

  3. I got it right too ^_^
    Congrats, Aralyn!

  4. Dammit! I actually changed my answer a few times between Queen and Take that! Queen was my first choice though! DUMBASS! Lol ...can I just say though that I laughed so hard when I saw Killswitch Engage! Hahahahaha

  5. Queen is my favourite group too! <3

    Congrats to the winner!

  6. i got waayyyyy to excited to find out i guessed the band right haha.


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