Thursday, 23 August 2012

NYX Girls - Collection Noir

So I don't really have a go to polish.  But I do have a group of polishes that I don't mind using up.  So I guess I have a bunch of go to's!  Anyways this is one of them.

I bought this when I was in NYC.  It's a black base filled with gold and green shimmer, that flashes pink.  And the formula is great.  It's a two coater!  But I do wish that in real life the shimmer was a tad more visible. It's not invisible but slightly more visible would have really made this polish.

The one thing I hate, hate, HATE about these polishes is that the labels are all black.  And the nams of each polish is on the back written in black.  So when you have a dark polish you can not read the label.  I had to look this up to see what the name was.

Sorry this wasn't very interesting.  Hopefully I have some interesting things up my sleeves for the next few days :)

You can see flashes of pink here!


  1. Very pretty! I need to go get this one!

  2. EHRMAGERD. I hate when polishes have the hard-to-read-blends-in-with-the-polish deal goin' on. *scowly face* That said... pretty colour!


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