Friday, 22 June 2012

Guest Blogger No.4 - The One With The Strings

Hi I’m Abbie a blogging newbie (abbienail has only been around for 4 months!) yet Kas and Georgia have let me loose on their lovely blog. So today I figured I show you what my blog is all about; nail art! Swatches as well but I love me some nail art ;). The mani I have for you is something I have only seen on one other blog (makeup withdrawal) I’m going to name it the string mani, you heard it here first.

I wanted to use only British brands and for some reason I found it so hard to find any in my stash….anyway I found L’oreal Perle de Jade, I realise now that L’oreal is not a british brand but we have these cute little skinny bottles over here so that counts as British right ;)? Perle de Jade is a two coater creamy jade *duh*.

To make the string effect you simply decant a small amount of polish onto something, I use a piece of paper, then wait for it to get tacky once it is use a dotting tool, toothpick, hair grip anything really and dip it in and then simply go over your finger with the string of polish.

You are going to get strings of polish all over your finger but it’s easy to clean it up as it’s only thin. Repeat as many times as you like and in any direction. I chose to alternate colours between a white and Barry M blueberry Ice cream. I like both of them over the jade, they almost change the base colour, the white makes it look lighter whilst the blue makes it look darker.

I really like this look, it looks like it was complicated to create but it really wasn’t, I think that literally everyone could do this and with endless colour combos. I didn’t put a topcoat on as I liked the look of it without, I don’t like the feel though paha. It kind of reminds me of spiderwebs *bleurgh* but in a pretty way not a creepy massive spider in the middle of kind of way.

I hope everyone enjoyed this mani and I’d love to see people’s recreations J. Thanks again K&G for this opportunity!!


  1. This looks so cool! I have seen this kind of mani somewhere before.

    1. I know, when I wrote this I hadn't seen it anywhere else but now I have seen it on loads of blogs! Oh well :P

  2. I've been wanting to try this technique...but I hate dealing with goopy nail polish! >.< I love yours though, love the colors!

  3. pretty special, i'm going to try it with rainbow colours!

  4. Very cool idea- I really like how this looks. I'll have to try this out sometime!


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