Monday, 4 June 2012

A England and some fun with studs!

So I recently went on an after-drinking nail art ebay binge... So now I have 46,000 rhinestones, 24 little pots of gold leaf(yes, I'm making a gold leaf topcoat with some of it), a whole bunch of different studs and bullion, dotting tools, and brushes.  So I think I'm gonna have to do some nail art soon to make use of all this stuff, haha.

But the first thing I did was attempt the studded nail look, as seen on The Nailasaurus.  I wanted to test run it for work so I just did an accent nail, but I wore it for three days and none of the studs came off, so obviously I did something right.

I wore it along with some new polish I just received from ninjapolish, my first A Englands(Bridal Veil and St.George, the polish they oh-so-kindly named after me).  And can I just say... I think I have a new favourite brand?  I'm on day four of wear and there's not even any tip wear.  That is UNHEARD OF for me.  I replaced the studded accent nails with St.George so we'll see how long that one wears for(I'll do it as a wear test) until I have tip wear and/or chipping.  But Bridal veil is on day four and looking as fresh as a daisy.

A England Bridal Veil is an INTENSELY pigmented black polish with a scattered holo effect that isn't terribly noticeable unless you're in bright sunlight, but in regular light it appears kind of lit from within, which is actually more appealing to me than the holo.  It's also a ONE COATER.  As is St.George.  I had several customers stop me to check out my nails.

The studs are from a random ebay store.  For my first attempt I think I did pretty well, and I may try a full mani at some point.  I topped them with one coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast and one coat of Essie Good To Go and they lasted for three days and were still going strong when I removed them.  I wore them over two thin coats of Orly Liquid Vinyl.

The first photo was taken on day 2 of wear.

These two photos were taken last night on day 3 right before I removed the studs.

I am seriously in LOVE with A England after these polishes.  They have by far the best formula I've tried, SO easy to control and they practically apply themselves.  And the fact that they're one coat is the icing on the cake.  I'll show you St.George sometime soon.

Have you guys tried A England?  Any other shades I should try?  I definitely want Dragon...


  1. A England is AMAZING! You def must get Dragon, I have 12 from them and they are all wonderful

  2. A-England is, I'm prepared to say, my very favourite brand. The formula is ridiculously good, and nothing else comes close! I also really love the studs on this one, especially paired with Bridal Veil. Lovely!

  3. I love Bridal Veil - just ordered it last week, can't wait to try it. Hmm, You need a very large post-it note on your fridge or somewhere - no more eBaying whilst pissed!:) Have fun with the studs et al:) xx


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