Friday, 16 March 2012

Upcoming China Glaze - Bohemian + Wicked

So I was lurking around the interwebs when I found these! (Well I actually saw the Wicked one a while ago and completely forgot).  Anyways I spy with my little eye China Glazes answer to Chanel's Peridot in all the duochromeness! So far I'm linking Unpredic Table, Glitter Goblin and Cast A Spell!  Do you see anything here that tickles your fancy?

Names under the cut!

 81167 Unpredic table

 81168 Rare And Radiant

 81169 Swanky Silk

81170 No Plain Jane

81171 Want My Bawdy

81172 Deviantly Daring


  1. Do you know when these are coming out?? They look really awesome!!

    1. Not sure about the Bohemian collection, but since the Wicked one is the Halloween one it should come out if I remember correctly late September, early October.

  2. July is the date for the Duochromes!


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