Sunday, 25 March 2012

My new favourite mani for spring/summer?

So this week has been INSANE.  I've been working just about every day, and I had a "school" day for work.  I'm glad to have a couple of days off.

I've been coveting Cult Nails Captivated since I first laid eyes on it about 9-10 months ago.  The beautiful orange jelly and glitter were just calling to me!  But by the time they shipped to Canada, it was gone.  I had resigned myself to living without it, but then they announced it was being brought back, and I knew I'd be first in line to get my hands on this, the perfect layering polish. 

It came in the mail about 5 days ago, and I wore this mani for four days, including to a major event for the skincare line I work for.  My customers might have loved it more than I did!

I decided to layer it over a hot pink foil, and I found that it flattered my skin tone really well, which was a great bonus.  It turned into this beautiful coral-y colour, and it had that amazing "lit from within" quality.  In the sun, the sparkles really came alive and looked like glowing embers.

Here we go:  2 coats of OPI Be a Dahlia, Won't You? with two coats of Cult Nails Captivated.

Blurred to show the sparkle. 

Look at that glow!

I think this'll be amazing for the summer, and I can't wait to layer Captivated over other things.  Any suggestions for combinations you'd like to see?


  1. coral isnt one of my favorite colors, but this looks amazing on you! i LOVE the bits of gold, very pretty

    1. Thanks! I always thought it would look funny on me because my skin pulls both pink AND yellow, but it works somehow!

      Captivated has probably been my biggest lemming ever, and obviously you can see why!

  2. Oh wow Georgia that's gorgeous! And look how long your nails are - I'm proud of you :D

    1. Thanks! I actually CUT them right before doing this manicure, so they're usually longer :P I promise I will never bite them again and make you crazy!

  3. love it! :] i love coral, and i love sparkles.

  4. Love it! Looks really good on you.

  5. Love this color combo, very summery!


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