Saturday, 21 January 2012


So I live in a big touristy city.  There are oddles of souvenir shops everywhere.  In the window of a shop I walk by all the time there is this shirt.

I always see it and think it's cute.  Granted the idea of being in a snow storm with a polar bear is horrific to say the least.  Anyhoo I decided since we got our first snow fall of the week last week I would do a winter design using said bear (Who I will now refer to as Fred).

Say hi to Fred.

I used Clair's Snowball on all my fingers and then I covered all but my ring finger with OPI's Happy Anniversary. Then I just painted on Fred's face using a dotting tool.  It was super shimmery in person.

Fred can also apparently double as a ghost.

Fun fact: I hate winter.

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