Saturday, 21 January 2012

1st post!

Who the flip am I?

I'm a girl in her early 20's who loves nail polish and boy bands.

Why Varnished Valkyrie?

I assume if I were flying out of the sky on my horse, getting ready to choose who dies in battle, my nails would be wicked awesome.


As far as brands go I love OPI, Butter London and Chanel. I also am a sucker for vampy colours.

Things you find ehhhhh...

Not gonna lie. Glitter. Now I love it but at the same time I can't go wearing it everyday. I like to at least pretend I'm all growed up sometimes. Also stamping. I just don't like how it looks... Stamped.

Will you update every single day?

Sometimes I might.  Sometimes I might not. I try and have a life.

Anything else we should know about you?

If you don't like Take That you can leave now. Or stay... but don't tell me you don't like them.

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