Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Essie - Naughty N' Nice

Essie's Naughty N' Nice is an off white cream,  It kinda has a yellow custard tinge to it depending on the lighting.  I really like this colour.  It doesn't look like white out... that really all the positives I can say about it.

First off I needed four coats make it opaque.  And the formula itself was iffy (granted it was quite an old bottle).  Drying time was horrific.  After having it on for 6 hours I took a nap and it royally messed up some of my nails.  Not just dents but they had shifted on the nail.  And currently it's been over 12 hours since I put it on.  While no longer shifting, they are still prone to denting. Edit: I wore this again as an accent nail and I wore it for a few days.  I don't think it ever dried.  One finger got dented like crazy and the other was pushed back after wearing it for over 12 hours.

Great colour but it's not worth it.  I'm sure you can find something more manageable out there.

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