Thursday, 18 June 2015

Stop! Hammer Time!

I don't know why but the other night I really wanted to do nails inspired by Luboutin shoes. Don't know why, but I just did. When I saw these studded heels I knew I had the PERFECT Born Pretty rhinestones to go with it. And I of course HAD to pain the other side of my nails red(Revlon Red Carpet)!

My nails were on fleek!

Sadly the fleek died a day later when I stopped liking them.

Ps. I will do my Wiki Challenge nails this week, but when I have time. I have a pretty nifty topic(This week you had to find a random article!).

Pps. The rhinestone wheel was a NIGHTMARE to open. They have since fixed the problem, but the cases they were in used to have a lid that swivels, but mine wouldn't budge. So I ended up using a hammer to open it.


  1. Very cool looking mani. I never had my nails so long to do a Luboutin mani, yet I love them very much!

  2. I love how your nails turned out, very fleek indeed :-P Sorry about the rhinestone case though, it looks like it lost in the end :-P

  3. Wow, what a cool idea to paint the other side of the nails! :D

  4. You are so patient to paint the underside too. I would have made such a mess of it. How was it trying to remove it? Really they are cute and look tough girl rather than princessy sweet. I like the urban look.

    1. Thanks! Kind of was a pain to take off. Also because my nails are long I'm always making sure that under them is clean, so they started to peel after about a day :(


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