Tuesday, 23 June 2015

10th Time's The Charm!

I used to take a lot of photos when I started blogging. I want to say I could easily take 60. Now a days I try and limit myself to around 15 shots, as it's just less overwhelming. Lets be real, when you take 60 shots half of them are similar or identical to a bunch of other ones you have. Well since I have been redoing my room I have been lightbox free, which means a lot more misses rather than hits. Long story short I was worried I wouldn't get to share this manicure because ALL the shots were crap, minus the last shot. Huzzah!

On to the deets. This is a simple manicure(as I'm sure most of you have noticed) I used Chanel's Malice and Zoya's Tomoko. I used Nail Vinyl's to make the squiggly lines. Easy as pie. I ended up wearing this longer than I usually wear manicures for. FIVE days. If I'm going to wear Malice I WILL be getting as much use out of it as possible.


  1. Great and very elegant design! I usually take many pictures for my nail art and I agree most of them are very similar :( I have to take exemple from you!

  2. I love these colors together, very regal :)

  3. It looks great! I experience the same thing: When I take lots of photos they're all good, when I take few they're all crap :D

  4. Great combination of colours, this manicure looks very elegant :-)


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