Monday, 15 June 2015

2 Become 1

As you can see I haven't been around much this month. While I no longer have mould, I now have an empty room with new furniture that has yet to be built because I have been quite the busy bee lately. I haven't really been doing much art because I haven't really had a place to do it, but I have been missing it loads. I haven't actually done art in weeks :'( I finally couldn't take it and decided to start up again with something simple.

I decided to combine two things to make something super awesome. I started out with a white base  and then did a gradient using Sinful Colors Pull Over, and Picture Polish Mad Magenta. When I was done that I applied a thick coat of clear polish(I think by Sally Hansen), and then quickly blobbed on Orly's Liquid Vinyl. I did this one finger at a time. Finally I let it dry for about 20 minutes before I added a coat of top coat and la voilà! I think it looks fab, don't you think?

Ps. For your viewing pleasure


  1. Stunning and cool in the same time. The vibrant gradient came out lovely and this nail art is perfect for summer. Good luck with the room decoration!

  2. I am loving the blobicure look. I feel like to should be easy, but I don't think I could do it haha.


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