Saturday, 8 November 2014

A-Z Challenge - Bold: Nefertiti and the Nubbins

So my original idea went out the window after a few screw ups(I blame the short nails), but I am happy with what I settled on. The theme for this week is Bold. So I chose to take my inspiration from someone who was bold. Nefertiti.  She was the Great Royal Wife of Akhenaten, and together they reigned at what was one of Ancient Egypt's most wealthy periods as well as creating a new religion. I doubt someone who was timid could do that.

ETA: I started this post on Thursday and intended to post it that night BUT I was super busy getting ready for a show. As soon as I took the photo for instagram I just took off the mani w/o taking proper photos. So you'll a)Have to forgive me for being late 2)Forgive me for the photo.

ALSO as you can see for the first time since I have been doing my nails(4 years), I had a break bad enough that they all had to go. Now they are uneven and blah. #prayercircle.

Here is the bust. The colours are a bit faded, but then again that's what a few thousand years does.


  1. I love that look and your inspiration! I have seen the Nefertiti bust in Berlin last year, it is gorgeous and those colours are amazingly kept through time (other items of that age have lost most if not all colour).

  2. Great interpretation of the theme, I love what you did!

  3. Really nice. Your long nail beds still give you a good length.

  4. Love the inspiration! Be lucky its your first break! I get a break usually every 1-2 months!! Right now I have a tea bag on my nail and I'm caring for my broken baby as if it were my first born son.


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