Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Simple and "Understated"

So as I said before the past few weeks I had been doing a show with my sketch troupe(I don't think I mentioned that part). We do shows all the time, but this time we were doing a festival so it was kind of a big deal. When it comes to my nails on stage I take a few things into consideration. 1)What am I wearing? I need everything to look like one uniform outfit. 2) Is it distracting? This does now limit me from wearing bold colours, it just means maybe we save the bright green for another time. 3) How important is the show? If it's honestly just a small casual gig I can go all out. But bigger shows I tone it down.

This manicure I did for Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival. To me this show kind of falls in the middle. It's a big-ish show, but it feels more laid back. So I still don't want distracting nails, but I can still have some fun. My original idea was simple and understated. Long story short as you can see the nails are simple, but then. Understated they are not. That being said they didn't pose a distraction risk as they went perfectly with my dress for the night.

Black polish is Orly Liquid Vinyl, the studs are from Born Pretty Store, the gold glitter is China Glaze Gold Medallion, and I THINK the other gold polish is an unnamed Dior. I of course used striping tapes for the lines.


  1. Understated is not the first word that comes to min - but beautiful is ;)

  2. Hehe definitely not understated, but it is gorgeous! I love the mix and match of colors, studs, and lines. :)

    ~ Yun

  3. I think these are chic and aweosme!

  4. Neat lines and perfect combination, I like it! :-)


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