Friday, 25 July 2014

Christmas in July/Fargo(FX) Nails

Today I have two versions of one manicure. The second manicure is actually my original idea, but because this is a review for KkCenterHK, and I know they use some of the photos after, I wanted to give them a cleaner option :P

For this manicure I used these water decals from KkCenterHK. They are a bit festive, but they worked perfectly for what I had in mind. These were east to put on, the standard cut, take off from plastic, dip in water and slide the decal off. My only complaints are they did seem to take a bit more soaking in the water before the decal would slide off. The package also did not come with any instructions. Now the second problem wasn't a problem for me as I have used water decals before, but it can cause issues if you haven't. You should also know that the background on these decals is white. So no matter what colour you put them over anything between the red lines that look white, will turn out white. That being said they make it clear on the website.

The first version of this manicure is simple. Just the water decals, and two plain white nails accented with gold studs. The second version is the Fargo(FX) version based on the shows posters. In the poster as you can see it's a cross stitching of a man who has just been shot. And his blood spells out the name of the show.

By the way if you haven't see the show Fargo, go and watch it NOW(It's Friday so you have no excuse). It's AMAZING! And if you have seen it, isn't it AMAZING!?!?

This is the poster/banner the Fargo nail art was based on

If you would like these decals they retail for $3.80 USD here on their website. And if you want a discount(who doesnt?!) use can use our 10% off code 'varnishedvalkyrie'.


  1. Both manis are nice. I like the second one better though because I prefer the handpainted look. Is it me or I can't tell the name of the show as the blood doesn't spell out anything. Is this like one of those stereoscope images? I never could "see" anything in those. Do you remember that trend?

    1. Thanks! And you can't tell because I was in a rush to add the photos, and I forgot to add the poster I based it on in the post. :P Oops!

  2. I love the second mani the most - what a cool way to use a Christmassy design :D

    1. Thanks! I like the darker twist on what's normally a cheery design :P

  3. crazy idea! Nice nails! :)

    Kisses from Poland! :)


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