Sunday, 8 June 2014

Watercolour Fun! (I also got an owie)

So this past little while I've been very busy. Generally I read blogs now on the go. The one thing that sucks about that is I can't actually comment when I'm using my phone. Is that just a thing? Or is my phone silly? Anyway's not to fear I still read all your blogs, I just can't tell you how amazing you guys all are :D

This week I took a tumble. I was lifting a generator with another person and I tripped. One of my knees looks frightening now. I'll spare you the details but it's gross. When I feel 2 things went through my head 1)I'm glad these aren't my nice jeans and 2)I'm glad my nails didn't break. Priorities.

So the nails I'll be showing you today I did a few weeks ago. It's my first water colour nails! I used this tutorial by Melissa Rose. I started out with a white base, then I covered it with a matte topcoat. From there I mixed a bit of water with a bit of acrylic paint, and then gently blotted and brushed it onto my nails. One important thing is that you wait for each colour to dry(which can be a pain in the bum). The drying time was a lot less when I used less water. But also know that if you use less water your colours will be more pigmented. Which was good for me because I wanted the look to be a bit bolder. But if you want a softer look you'll need more water in your paint, and a bit more drying time. When finished I applied a layer of topcoat!

I was really pleased with how this turned out. So pleased that I'm going to show you my RIGHT HAND!!!



  1. I love wearing mani's like this, and IMO the color combination is spot on :)

  2. OMG! A both hands-post! O_o
    It's really pretty - I love the way the colours look together. Great look!

  3. This is so pretty, perfect for summer =^.^=

  4. Great water colour manicure! :-)

  5. Love it! I've done watercolor with nail polish and polish thinner, but I've never tried paints. I really like the look! Hopefully your knee feels better soon!

  6. I'm glad your jeans and nails were safe! this is such a pretty look :)

  7. Your nails are beautiful! I love how soft and lovely the end result is. :) Sorry to hear about your injury. I hope it heals up fast!

    ~ Yun


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