Thursday, 19 June 2014

Fashion! Put it all on me! (This is ALMOST a Lady Gaga Post!)

So it's currently almost 3:30am. I was about to finally go to sleep like an hour ago, but then I remembered I had to submit something and upload some photos to Google Drive. I'm currently watching the photos upload.  It has taken 10 minutes to upload 4 photos...20 more to go. I'll probably go to sleep when at least 50% has been uploaded. My laptop is super poopy so I want to make sure I get at least half up. Actually I'm going to sleep now. It's all in the hands of the internet Gods/Godesses now. This post will have to wait.


So fashion is probably one of my favourite things to get inspiration from. Especially when it comes to runway stuff. You have all the "normal" Ready To Wear lines and then you have those Haute Couture lines where everyone is wearing a garbage bag made out of glitter. While some of it may not be practical, from an art point of view it can be amazing! Today I have something that was sitting on my computer in my inspiration bin literally for years! This outfit was part of Gucci's 2012, spring, ready to wear line. For this I used Sinful Colors Hey, You!, a no name Gold Dior(it was part of a set and not intended to be sold individually which is why I think it has no name), and I don't remember which of my blacks I used.

Ps. Sorry these photos are kind of sketch looking :/ Please forgive me and accept this Lady Gaga Song as a piece offering. 


  1. What a perfect match - super gorgeous nail art!

  2. Perfect inspiration and manicure! :-)

  3. I will ALWAYS take a Lady Gaga song as a peace offering <3

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