Monday, 30 June 2014

Happy World Pride - Part 2: Fail + I'm Going Slightly Mad

A couple nights ago I was really tired when I got home so I took an hour long nap. When I woke up there was this MASSIVE bug of sorts flying around the ceiling. I did what every normal person would do at that point. I pulled my covers over my head and hoped the winged, terror would leave me be. When I eventually emerged the bug was gone. I use the word gone loosely because 95% of the time my bedroom door is shut. So there was a large chance that he(or she) was still in my room. But at the same time this was 2 days ago and I have yet to see her(or him) again. This seemed weird because it was huge! So part of me now thinks that maybe I was seeing things. You know that moment right when you wake up and you aren't really all there? Maybe in that moment my head was making things up? I feel like I'm going a little batty...

Now moving along to the fail!

This manicure was inspired originally by this manicure by Finger Polish Mania. And of course the colours I used were inspired by pride. I am not a fan of mine personally. First of all some of the colours I didn't have the right shade in polish, so I had to use paint. When it comes to using tape paint has a tendency to seep. Lucky for me once it dried I was able to scrape some of the paint off my nail to make the lines appear more clear. My second issue was the red polish (H&M Cherry). Now before I put on top coat my nails were drying for a good few minutes. The minute I put on TC the red would streak. Every. Single. Time. And it was just the red polish! And then other colours started to get messed up because I was fiddling with it. Overall this manicure frustrated me.

 Heart on my thumb. I did really like how this turned out!


  1. It's absolutely gorgeous - I love everything about this mani!

  2. I think this came out great! I love your take on pride nails, and i love the heart!

  3. Your mani is fantastic! I love it. The colors, the design, the triangles and dots...


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