Thursday, 9 May 2013

What Time Is It?


I have something really fun for you today! I'm sure many of you are great fans of Adventure Time. Recently, Kas tipped me off that Hot Topic was selling Adventure Time nail polish sets and I had to get my hands on them! Unfortunately, I only found the Finn and Jake set…the Bubblegum/Lumpy Space Princess set had sold out! These originally retailed for $14.50, but they were half off by the time I got there.

Finn is a true blue cream that looked great in 2 coats. Jake is green-leaning yellow crelly, 3 coats mostly eliminated VNL. They dried quite fast. No topcoat here.

I added Cover Bands Sticks and Stones to my index and middle fingers. Mathematical!

You can find these online and in Hot Topic stores. Looks like they won't be there much longer!

ETA: I forgot to show you the bottles, so here's a quick picture before I run off to school:


  1. Congrats :)
    And a happy and fun mani to celebrate it with!

  2. Congraculations! *throws confetti all around* :D
    I really want to visit a Hot Topic store one day!!

  3. Congrats on your 300th post! This mani looks awesome, I love the combo of colors and glitter :)

  4. LOVE this!! It's very groovy!!
    HAPPY 300 :D

  5. gah! i have had mine for like 3 months now buried away in my special section! i keep forgetting to wear them! they look great! i think i was afraid they would suck so i hid them so i wouldnt have to ruin my fantasy! but now i dont!

  6. Finn and Jake set looks crazy (the bottles) and I love Finn, especially with Sticks and Stones on! :-)

  7. congrats!!! i love the layering. b&w glitters are so gorgeous over bright colors!

  8. Waaaaah, cute bottles! I can't resist adorable bottle designs!


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