Thursday, 14 February 2013

This is either the worst Valentines Day post or th best + 'Like' me!

So I had something else in mind for today.  I had been wanting to do it for a while.  And I started it last night. But the problem is my sleep schedule has been getting rather normal.  Horrible I know.  So while I was waiting for the polish to dry I flat out fell asleep.  And long story short today I dont have it in me to do nail art.  But don't worry I still have this!  It's either the best or the worst Valentines Day mani.

It's either the worst because it's just a swatch.  3 coats of OPI's My Boyfriend scales walls.  A white polish with gray undertones.  Who's formula was ok.

Or it's the best.  Because while the manicure may be plain, what it actually represents is the purity that is love.  Or some mushy bs like that :)

I will post show you what I had originally planned to do sometime next week!

Also you guys would make my Valentines Day if you went over to ( and 'like' my comment. "Tie your Girly Bits Down".  I'll level with you.  I want to win and I have no shame(That part of my brain was removed).  Vote for me and I will also lower your taxes and give you free health care(if you don't already have it)* Contest ends at midnight.

*legally I can’t do those things.


  1. It's a beautiful shade of white :)

  2. You cracked me up. I will go with you on the whole white pure thing and take the free health care. Have a wonderful day of pure love!


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