Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I need a hero... I'm holding out for a hero til the end of the night...

He's gotta be strong.. He's gotta be fast.. And he's gotta be fresh from the fight..

Okay.  Enough Footloose lyrics, I'm sorry.  First Almost Paradise and now this.  That was gross of me.  I'll be sure to punish myself suitably.  Suggestions welcome.

But in the meantime... I know we all covet GOSH Holographic.  I know I do.  Something about those sexy rainbows just gets me every time.  But I am realistic in the knowledge that it will never be mine.  Instead, I got GOSH Holographic Hero to satisfy my needs.

I have only the tiniest gripe: Holos don't wear well.  This, we know.  But "One Night Wear" right on the bottle??? REALLY, GOSH?  Did you need to just state outright, "This has shitty wear so don't expect more than a night out of it"?  I am just... I can't with you.  I get that it's kind of a marketing thing, but... Stahp.

But that aside... This polish is pretty lovely.  It's a holo for people who don't want the IN YOUR FACE but still want pretty rainbows.  I found the application to be exactly what I expected: A little patchy on the first coat, but nothing that being careful couldn't fix.  This is one coat, a coat of top coat, and another coat of HH.

Overall, I'm pleased with it.  I'm still more of a fan of the stronger holo look, but this is definitely more wearable for most people, I would think.

Natural light, no flash.

Indoor lighting, flash.


What do you guys think?  Are you more of a strong holo person, or is this right up your alley?


  1. i tend to gravitate more toward weak holos and scattered holos. but that is crazy they put that one night only crap on there. not as crazy as me loving the hero song though, right?

  2. I wore this on my toes for about a week and I really liked it. Granted, I used the method of two coats, top coat, then one more coat of holo polish. And of course, my toes aren't subject to the same abuse as my fingers.

    How long did it last for you?

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