Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Happy Hands Afternoon Thunderstorms

So I've posted a few Happy Hands polishes before, and it's safe to say they're fast becoming favourites of mine.  I love their interesting collections, creativity, and sense of fun.  She can really turn an idea into a great product, and today I'm showing you one of my favourites from the brand.

This is Afternoon Thunderstorms from the Florida collection(I also have The Swamp, which you will see another time).  This is a grey polish with heavy golden shimmer and two different sizes of black hex glitter.  The grey base is sheer without being TOO sheer, and the glitter shows through beautifully.  I think another blogger said it looks like stone, and I totally agree.  It also made me think of my aunt's Dalmations when they've been playing outside.  The gold shimmer is what really makes this special, though.  It's just amazing.

Application was great considering the glitter density - A little extra attention needed, but not much.  I am wearing two thinner coats here, which was plenty opaque for me, but your mileage may vary.

Photos in natural light, no flash.

Afternoon Thunderstorms is still available on Etsy, and if you love a good grey, I say snap it up!


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