Sunday, 7 February 2016

Dapper Dappen Dish

This is gonna be another one of those fast reviews.

Today I have for you this dappen dish for polish remover or acrylic liquid from the Born Pretty Store. What can I say other than I love it! No more dipping your brush into a half full bottle of remover and hoping you don't drop it. And it's just so much faster with this when you do a really messy manicure because you don't have to keep reaching for a bottle. It's not something earth shattering, but it just makes life a bit easier. It also comes with a cute little lid. It's not really functional as it's not exactly fitted, but it looks good!

If you want a dish, you can get one here on the Born Pretty site, where they retail for $4.87 USD. And don't forget to use out 10% discount code EAL91!

 *Product sent for honest review


  1. I got a very similar one also from BPS and it's great.

  2. Nice tool. I use the lid from the acetone bottle myself, and I spill a lot :D

  3. I use an old dental dappen dish that my dad gave me when he sold his dental practice, but I love that this one has a lid! That's awesome!

  4. I love that this has a little lid.


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