Friday, 6 November 2015

Rest! (And something else everyone NEEDS)

So I have been exercising guys, and today is my rest day. I have actually been trying for the past few weeks. Even my diet

*And that is where I left the post for almost 2 days*

When I started writing this I had just come home from a show where I hit the back of my head on the floor. I realised after writing one line, this post wasn't going to happen, the laptop backlighting was making my head throb even more. Don't worry I'm ok now despite being a bit behind now with some reviews.  So lets pick up where I left off.

Even my diet has changed for the better. And it's been great because I have actually been sticking to it for WEEKS now. Probably for over a month. And I know that might not seem like much, but for someone who hasn't exercised in probably 8 years this is a big deal. My first goal is to get my high school body back, which I think is feasible. I weigh about the same as I did then, but back then I had more muscles as I was athletic. I want my mini 6 pack back, and I want it better than it was before. Maybe I'll do fitness posts! But not today. Today is nails!

I have for you striping tape from The Born Pretty Store. But not just striping tape, striping tape that comes is different sizes! 1mm(which is stander), 2mm and 3mm. Can I just say I love these. First, the larger sizes are super east to handle, also it is sooooooooo nice to have options. 1mm is just so thin, and that can be great depending on what you are doing, but if you want anything larger you have to start cutting up bigger pieces of tape, which can be a pain. Or you have to double or triple up on the tape, which takes more time and is prone to mishap.

I think everyone should check this out. Striping tape is a great option for any level nail enthusiast and I think the larger tapes are must haves for any nail art lover. You can get a pack of three in either gold or silver over here on sale for $1.99 USD (Normally $3.28). And you can use out 10% discount code EAL91!

The order of use is 3mm, 2mm and 1mm in all three of the previous images.

*In case you want to know more about the other aspects of the manicure the base is Beyond The Nail's Winter Wonderland with Mattese Elite's Revolution sponged on top. And then the brown I used earlier was OPI's Over The Taupe. The full manicure was inspired by a mani I saw but I can't for the life of me remember who did it. So if you know please tell me :(


  1. Was it this one. perhaps?
    It's what I thought of when I seen yours :)

  2. OMG that gradient! Amazing. Keep up the awesome work on your diet and exercise plan!

  3. So cute! I remember very similar manicure on my nails last summer. My hubby presented me a ticket to the beauty nail and spa salon during our vacation in Ibiza. It was the best relax ever!


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