Saturday, 24 October 2015

Short post!

These nails were inspired by swaafie! I used Sinful Colors Hey, You!, China Glazes Stoked to be Soaked as a base. Then CG Spontaneous tipped with Zoya's Carter for the lines. Black is acrylic paint. Boo.

A photo posted by @swaafie on


  1. If you really think about it.
    Glinda drops the house on the wicked witch with help from the tornado and tells Dorothy that she killed the witch. As she is being hail'd for saving everyone she doesn't dispute this.
    Then Glinda withholds information about the shoes so that she can send Dorothy on a long quest in order to expose the Wizard for the fraud he is. All while pretending to be nice.
    In order to escape the guilt, Glinda sends Dorothy back and makes her believe it was all a dream.


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