Wednesday, 30 September 2015

No Efforticure!

So most of the time my nails aren't actually painted all crazy, with fab designs the kids want to copy. I usually only wear out my design if it can replicated it on my other hand, or I can create something similar on the other hand. Most of the time they are just one plain colour. Boring, I know. But even I get tired of it after a couple days(I have never been a paint your nails ever day person), so I have to jazz it up. With a few strips of striping tape, a gold stud and textured polish(Zoya Tomoko), I have turned Sally Hansens Alchemy, a tipwear nightmare, into a delightful sparkly piece of art.

Do you recycle manicures?

 Ps. I topcoated everything.


  1. That's pretty, I like the idea of recycling. I'm just more of a paint my nails everyday kind of girl :D

  2. I rarely recycle, I like to change my manicure often :-) This manicure is simply gorgeous, perfect combination of colours! And your nails are super-sexy and super-beautiful! :-)

  3. I definitely do. I get bored easily and plain colours, especially when wearing creams. I may like the colour, but after a couple of days it just needs a bit of an oomf!

  4. gorgeous colors together! I usually wear my nail art on my left hand for a week, with a solid color on the right.


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