Friday, 4 September 2015

A Doctor Who Post?

Sorry, I have been away for a while. I've been super busy, I wrote my first full one hour pilot episode for a drama(Someone pick it up now!) And if you know me, you know how crazy that is because I do 99% comedy. So this is a big deal. I have also been watching more Doctor Who again. You know I actually like 12 and I think the last series of the show was better then it has been in the past few years. So in honour of watching Doctor Who I present you with Zoya Oswin...because of Clara. It's funny because I don't really love her that much, but this just seemed appropriate :P

I bought this polish MONTHS ago, but only got it on Sunday. I shipped it to the States when I saw they were having a sale (I don't even remember when or what it was because it was so long ago). My mother then grabbed this and another Zoya I had ordered when she visited family we have there.

Oswin is from Zoya's fall 2014 collection of Ultra Pixie Dusts. This is probably the last Pixie Dust I ever liked. Out of the three UPD's from the collection, it was the only one the was totally matte. The rest looked more like a gritty glitter polish. Oswin is a bold red that has that the sand like texture of the original PD's, but with the addition of medium and small hexagonal glitter. I needed two coats for full coverage. To smooth it out I used two coats in the photo. If you want it TOTALLY smooth you would need one more coat.

If you would like a bottle you can find them on I though they were discontinuing them, but they are still on the site, so who knows. Also you may need a mule if you aren't in the States.

So I hope you guys have had a swell few weeks, and didn't miss me too much. But if you did I would understand.


  1. I never got any of the Zoya ultra Pixie dusts, and now they're off the wish list again :D It's super pretty though! :)

  2. This really is gorgeous with top coat!

  3. Yeah, they made everyone think they were discontinuing production, then they said they just meant they weren't making any new colors. You know, AFTER the great big "retiring" sale. I'm still a little pissed about that

  4. This is a gorgeous polish both matte and shiny!


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