Saturday, 14 February 2015

Indecisive Valentine


What I thought was a crack in my polish, was actually a crack in my nails. It's been there for a few days but I only realised it was a crack today when it started to hurt. I fixed it with that Orly nail rescue, but I don't really like it because I feel I need to touch it up often. I usually like the teabag method, but for some reason my nail glue has been taking FOREVER to dry on the teabag.

Anyways let's talk Valentines day! Any one do/doing anything interesting? I don't celebrate the day, but it is a nice excuse to bake a totally unhealthy cake. I "celebrated"on Friday with the boy. We just hung out, ate cake that I had made, and then went out for dinner(In that order). And by went out I mean we walked outside, felt how cold it was, walked right back inside and ordered pizza and wings. I was a bit disappointed because were were going to get Korean, and I am in love with Korean food at the moment. I am REALLY in to it.

So that mani I wore that night wasn't the exact mani I started with. I decided I wanted to do some watercolor roses. Which turned out pretty fantastic(as you can see). Then I painted the rest of my nails red. Now I had these on overnight and it was bothering me that the red(Cult nails Quench), was a different shade of red. So the next day I HAD to take it off and I swapped it for  Sinful Colors Secret Admirer, which I thought worked way better! Then I added some rehinstones from the Born Pretty Store because faux gems make me happy. This is the third manicure in a row where I havent been happy with the first version.

Which version do you like best?


  1. Happy valentine's day! I don't celebrate it either, and haven't done any v-day manis this year.
    I like the red version better :)

  2. I'm with you - no celebration here either, it's a new tradition here - and I feel mostly for the benefit of the shops :D
    I like both manis :)

  3. This year I haven't done any real St. Valentine's Day manicure, maybe next year... :-) I like both manicures that you made :-)

  4. I like the second mani better with the studs. Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. LOL I love Frasier!! Sorry about your break, I love your nails!

  6. I'm actually diggin' both of these manicures, but I totally know where you're coming from. I've done that too, looked at the colors/patterns/decorations on my finished product and gone "Gaaahhhh! It doesn't WORK!" Usually this is about when the man says, "I don't understand what's wrong, here." Then I have to explain in great detail something like your red not matching the roses problem. Takes a LOT of time.

    The roses DID turn out fantastic, by the way. They look smashing. :D


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