Saturday, 12 April 2014

How many coats of polish do you think this took?

If you guessed 53, you are wrong. Which is hard to be because it's written directly on the photos. Yes, that right there is 101 coats of polish(well 100 in Robyn's case as I had top coat on in there because I wanted to keep it a bit classy).

 Robyn's coats got larger and started to flop over, whereas mine got smaller each coat.

All the polishes that were used.

I'm just going to cut to the chase and address some questions and comments that people will probably have.  This also includes a removal video:

Exactly 2 years ago today I did the 53 coats of polish. So we thought this would be fun. It was also an excuse to get together and drink on a Friday night.

"What a waste"
1)Because we used so many we generally used polish that was inexpensive, free, on it's last legs or that we just didn't like. The last time I did 53 coats the total retail value of polish used came to around $7 USD, and that time I even used stuff like Chanel and Lippmann. Trust me this did not break the bank.
2)Let's be real. Like it or not when you are a polish collector waste kind of goes hand and hand with it. The chances you will use up all the polish in your bottles is slim to none.  So why not have some crazy fun ever once in a while.  Especially with polishes that are almost done or never get love because you just don't wear them often.
3)Last time I checked these weren't your polishes or your money. There's so many things in the polish community that can be considered wasteful or irresponsible, but it's not my stuff so who am I to judge.

How long did it take?
5 hours on and off.

Did it dry?

How long did it take to remove?
About 30 seconds.  Removed most of it with a dry tissue, and any excess with remover.

Did you actually wear it out?
Let's all use our earth logic. 100/101 coats of a polish that will probably never fully dry. This is clearly my fancy night out manicure of choice.

Will you try this again?
Probably not. Getting to 53 coats was easy. Then around 65 the fumes start to hit you. By 85 you start feeling iffy. By the end you don't ever want to see polish again and you look like this:

Do you Regret it?

Random shots!


  1. This is hilarious and I love it. Countdown until it's included in a Buzzfeed article? Haha.

  2. OMG. It is weird that I love this Idea. I think it will be fun to do 101 coat polish manicure once in a while ;)

  3. LOL - I liked the 53 coats experiment, and this just as much - it's simply so much fun, and I can imagine how much fun you had doing it - made my morning really smile-worthy :D

  4. I think it's gross, but it's your polishes and you can do whatever you want. But that must have been stinking so bad....i would get a headache

  5. Wow, that's a lot of polish!

  6. Hahaha I love this! Fun and hey, why not? Polish lovers unite!

  7. Extreme nail polishing. You should get a world record! Look into that!

    1. I contacted Guinness and they declined my offer to set this record. I am disappointed.

    2. They have a record for most eggs smashed on ones head in a minute, and most live snails on a persons face. But they wont do THIS!?!?

  8. I expect nothing less from you :) Love it.

  9. I absolutely LOVE that you put a Robbie Williams song! I love him!
    Also I think the different layers of polish and colors kind of looked like eyes on the top.

  10. This is absolutely hilarious and brilliant!



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