Sunday, 26 January 2014

Epicare review: What is this feeling so sudden and new?

So I was contacted by Nail Polish Canada a few weeks ago and asked if I would review this.  I had actually looked up info about this(or something similar to this) years ago, but never followed up with my looking into it.  I ended up forgetting this product even existed, so it was actually a pleasant surprise when they asked me to review this.

Now at this point you may be asking yourself "Wait, what is this?"  Its a do-it-yourself manual threading device.  Now if you are me you are probably asking yourself "What is threading?"  After figuring that out I was ready to roll.

I used it on my upper lip.  I'm not the marvelous mustached woman, but there is a bit more hair there then the rest of my face.  So the concept is simple, bend and roll each end.  Like this:

Here were my initial thoughts:
  1. Nothing is happening.
  2. Oh, there it goes!
  3. Owwwwwwwwwwwwww.
  4. Now I'm getting the hang of it!
  5. Ow.
I can honestly say it hurt but once I got the hang of it it hurt a lot less.  That being said it did work in effectively removing the hair.  I also ran it along my jaw line, because it said it could remove fine short hair, so very fine peach fuzz would be a perfect test.  Let me just say, you never really know how much hair is on your body till you pull it out.  It for sure works on even the finest hair.

Here's where things get iffy.

On day one when I tried out the Epicare, it was all great.  Day two, nothing to report.  Then there day two(night) and day three(early morning).  So late on the second night I started kind of touching my upper lip.  It just felt weird.  At around 2 in the morning I felt it, and I could feel tiny bumps, and it felt like my lip was on fire.  Upon closer inspection I could see tiny pimples forming.  By day three in the afternoon, it was still burning but only when touched and the pimples were still there.  Now here is the thing,  I don't know if whatever happened happened because of the Epicare alone or because it had made my lip more sensitive to other things.  Other potential culprits from that night are:
  • Beard burn
  • Spicy chicken wings(normally very spicy food will cause around my lips to burn).
  • A combination of making out with le bearded fellow, after both eating spicy wings aka a really good night.
I'm thinking that the Epicare may have irritated my skin a bit to begin with, and then with all these other factors just aggravated it some more.  But even with all that I am willing to give it another go, and maybe this time lay off the wings and tongue battles....maybe.

If you would like to give this a try it only cost $15 CND and you can get it from Nail Polish Canada.  If you are in the United States or the rest of the world you can get it from Epicare's website for $15 CND.

 *Product sent for honest review.


  1. I tried this thing once (like you, I don't qualify for bearded woman status, but there's always something there I wouldn't mind not being there). I couldn't get past the pain. And this is coming from a girl who's tattooed and pierced all over the place. Don't know what it is that makes this so much worse than tweezers, but I conveniently "lost" it a week after I tried it, lest I forget the awful experience and attempt to use it again.

    1. Wow, I know it hurt quite a bit but it for sure was something I could get past. Then again maybe I'm going about this like childbirth. And I really won't remember how bad it was till I try it again :P

  2. my mom got me one of these a few years ago. when I tried it it was way too painful, I could barely use it because it hurt so much. I had it for years and then I just threw it away. That's too bad about the little bumps too. just another reason i hate this thing.

    1. I was more troubled with the bumps than the pain. If the bumps happen next time I'll probably stop using it. They may have been small bumps, but they were more visible than the hair I had removed.

  3. AKA a really good night? HAHAHAHA That's priceless text right there dude!


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