Saturday, 19 July 2014

I'm Going Slightly Mad(For Gradients and Studs)

So long story short(I'll get into the longer version later), I've been sitting on this review for KkCenterhk for a couple weeks now because I had been doing a Fringe Festival. Because of that I either had no time to do nail art, and when I did I didn't bother with it because I don't like wearing nail art on stage during more important shows. Even really bright colours can be a distraction. So I am FINALLY getting around to it.

So today I have these 1.5mm circular studs from KKCenterHk. They are probably the smallest studs I currently have. I thought they were really easy to apply, but maybe it was because they were large enough to easily pick up, but just the right weight that they weren't too heavy or too light to pick up. They are listed at $2.50 USD on the website for 50. I decided to count, and there was approximately 100 in my bag. I really really loved these, and the only thing I would change is how many of them came in a pack. They are so small that it's east to go through a large portion of the studs at once. This could just be the stud hoarder in me talking.

The manicure as a whole was inspired by this manicure by Oh My Gosh! Polish. As you can see I made mine slightly different. I wish I was better with dots though. I find it so hard to get them all even. I also need to work on clean up for when I do gradients. Acrylic paint does not come off the same way polish does when using a small brush around the cuticles. Ah well you can't win them all.

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  1. I especially like the gradient, it looks really cool with studs on that :)

  2. This kind of mad is good LOL - It's cool and pretty!

  3. I like nail art studs and I'm crazy for dots :-) Really pretty dotticure! :-)

  4. Looks very cool! I love Queen "I'm Going Slightly Mad" song :)


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