Monday, 10 February 2014

Love is Blind...Colourblind!: Having fun with my new dotting tools!

So I wasn't intended on doing Valentines nails but when I thought of this I had to do it!  Here's how it all started.  I have a fear of going blind(So romantic), and when I say fear, I mean terror.  The fact that for one hot moment they though I had glaucoma did not help it.  I decided to go online and look at forums that discuss this fear.  After doing that for a while for some reason I had this urge to look up "What do people see when they are colourblind?" And I started looking at these comparison pictures between normal vision, and different types of colorblindness, and it's kind of insane.  Then out of know where I thought of the saying "Love is Blind" and then I thought "Colourblind"  Random, I know.

OR maybe it's my subconscious speaking and this whole thing really about interracial relationships!  I don't know why my subconscious would do that though.  Trust me, the conscious part of me could have told you how they can be fab.  And you know the old saying "Once you go black, you may or may not go back.  It all really depends on the person, and what they are like on the inside.  Like their personality and blood type. You can never have too many kidneys."

Anyways this mani took FOREVER to finish. Apart from the bright orange on the index finger, EVERY other colour had to be mixed(acrylic paint) because I didn't have the colours I wanted in a cream form.  The actual shapes(X❤OX) and the dots themselves were easy to do.

Decided to mattify it.

AND one more fun thing.  Even though I'm sure my colours are off, if this is correct everyone with perfect colour will be able to see everything that's going on on my nails.  If you can't see red or green, the only thing you will see is half a heart.  And completely colorblind, you'll just see a bunch of dots.

This whole mani was done with my new dotting tools from KKcenterHk.  They are double ended and come in 5 different sizes.  One side of the dotting tool has varying sizes, and the other side the sizes are equal.  The blue dotting tool is the same size on each end.  These were easy to use, but in my opinion you only really need three of them.  Small, medium and large.  It's very easy to get the sizes in between with those tools alone, you just have to use more or less polish or paint.  But overall I'm glad I have these.  Prior to this I had two dotting tools, and they were both the really small ones.

If you would like a set like this for yourself, head on over to KKcenterHk where it retails for $7.99 USD.  And use our 15% discount code(which is only valid for another month): varnishedvalkyrieevent15off

*Product sent for honest review


  1. ty "tečkovače" mám a jsou to úžasní pomocníci :)

  2. haha i love how your brain works. awesome mani!

  3. That's too funny, I had the idea to do something similar - but forgot about it again - it looks great - love it!!

  4. Beautiful, I love the matte version! :-)

  5. So cool!! I actually did this same idea a year ago for a contest - you should check it out! (It's on my blog Goose's Glitter, but I don't want to link spam :oP)

  6. These matte dots look a bit like taken from the 70's in my opinion - nice work, actually I don't know which version is better, matte or not, both are nice, both have a different mood.


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