Friday, 27 July 2012

London 2012!

So as you know the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics are tonight.  I will not be watching it because I have a rehearsal to go to.  At least it's not the all important closing ceremony featuring TAKE THAT!

Even though I'm not a huge sports fan I decided I wanted to do Olympic nails.  Originally I did the Union Jack in gold, silver and bronze.  But the shades that I had in each were BLAH together.  So I ended up with this.  On my left hand medals using microbeads. And London 2012 written on two of my fingers.  On the other hand I just painted my hands the colours of the the Olympic rings and added glitter.

And you know what?  Since I don't care all that much for sports I wish everyone participating the best of luck.  I hope you all win :) Even though most people there will in fact lose... #REALITY.

I used Essie - Moon Struck, China Glaze - White Ice, Sephora By OPI - Just a Little Dangerous, Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue, Orly - Hook Up, Essie - Pretty Edgy, Essie - Fishnet Stockings, OPI - Black Onyx, China Glaze - Medallion, acrylic paint and a roller ball pen for the text.


  1. love the medals! so creative!!

  2. The medals are awesome! How did you get the microbeads to stick just to that area? I've done microbead manicures before, but in those cases I just stuck my wet nail into the microbeads directly.

    And I'm not really a sports fan either, but somehow I'm always excited for the Olympics! Can't wait. :D

    1. I was originally going to do that since the medals weren't really detailed. Just a blob of beads. But the white polishes I used take a while to dry so I was afraid even with topcoat they would embed themselves everywhere. So I covered the bottom half with clear polish and dipped a dotting tool in a bit of the clear polish and would pick up bunched of beads and quickly stuff them together on the nail. Once the center was bone and I just needed the outside I would add clear as needed with a tiny nail art brush. And that is the time consuming method I used to make a blob of beads :)

      I've gotten over the excitement as I've gotten older. Just like my birthday. Well minus my last birthday. But who wouldn't be excited for their birthday when they're going to see Anderson Cooper!?!?

      The End.

    2. Wow! Sounds like a process. Cool outcome, though! And as for birthday excitement, I'm struggling to maintain my excitement about getting older. It's getting harder, though- there aren't any more exciting milestones to hit. But at least there are still PRESENTS. Yes. Oh, yes.

  3. This is awesome! Nice job!

  4. I love those little beaded medals!

  5. What a gorgeous OL mani, love it :)

  6. Oh wow, the medal mani is so awesome! :-)

    ~ Yun

  7. love this mani, the medals look amazing.

  8. I like how you put the microbeads in a shape and not just on your entire nail. I've been wanting to do that but in a shape of a heart...:) I'm not big on sports person either but I can't help but watch and admire the people competing...I wish I was amazing like them!


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